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What is an indicator, an index and a dynamic index

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rp_indices-indicadores-dinamicos-300x300.pngA dynamic index is a measuring instrument, whereby measures are assigned to the units of analysis based on the possession or performance indicators: social, economic, infrastructure, technical, and anything that can be quantifiable and measurable objectively, regardless of the investigator / user to analyze it.

Regarding the  investigation of  Social Influence, indexes have many applications, and in the knowledge era in particular, have become the most powerful tools to generate a perception, attitude, judgment, opinion  on something previously unknown or not (where can I travel?) or finally an individual behavior can be a specific action (behaviour: what trip to buy or which destination to choose). 

The measurement of  variables it is made through index numbers (indicators) expressed in terms of quantity, price or value; according to Kazmier (Statistics for Management and Economics, 1998) “an index number is a relative value, expressed as percentage or ratio, which measures a given period of time against a given base period ” (p. 300). Indicators and indices (set of indicators) are an excellent means of decision-making in any organisation and to assess the causes and effects of socioeconomic nature programs.

We add “dynamic” to this,  an attribute that qualifies and adds the feature that rate is variable, depending on their status at the time of consultation is made. One of the great advantages of dynamic indexes is that they can become a standard source of information, in the era of Big Data, the data will be more easily accessible and their number will multiply exponentially, but will make the distance between the data and information need projected structures, and dynamic instrumental indices will be a good tool for this.

If you want to know a real example of dynamic index, I invite you to visit www.dyntra.org and I am sure you will have a much clearer overview.

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