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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, final stretch and Dyntra’s analysis

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Tags: candidates, candidatos, Clinton, debate, demócratas, Democrats, Donald, elecciones, election, presidencial, presidential, republicanos, Republicans, transparencia, transparency, trump, TVE, Univisión, USA

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It’s time for the final debate Clinton vs Trump,  90 face to face minutes. The appointment is at the University of Las Vegas, you can watch it tonight at 03:00 pm (Madrid) 21:00 (NYC). It is the last chance to enjoy the last major political event in the United States before the presidential elections, here are…

ID: 2007

H. Clinton vs. D. Trump, time to place your bets! USA 2016

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Tags: candidatos, debate, demócratas, Democrats, election, hillary, política, politics, president, republicanos, Republicans, trump, USA 2016, USA2016

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For many people it is considered the Super Bowl of politics … Tonight will be the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which promises to generate a large audience record. All looks around the world are placed upon them, event which I will live directly from New York, where tensions are already…

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What is an indicator, an index and a dynamic index

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Tags: Big Data, Dinámico, dyntra, estadística aplicada, indicador, índice, índice dinámico, Kazmier

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A dynamic index is a measuring instrument, whereby measures are assigned to the units of analysis based on the possession or performance indicators: social, economic, infrastructure, technical, and anything that can be quantifiable and measurable objectively, regardless of the investigator / user to analyze it. Regarding the  investigation of  Social Influence, indexes have many applications, and in the knowledge…

Saas Software as a Service
ID: 1984

SaaS, what is it and how can it help me as an user

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Tags: Cloud, paradigm, Software as a Service, user

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The Saas model of software distribution, acronym which founds its origin from Software as a Service, is a type of distribution of Cloud Computing service model,  or simply known under the metaphor of “The Cloud”. This new paradigm can offer computing services across the Internet, without relying on local storage and independently of operating systems, devices…

Logo Indyco cuadrado
ID: 1989

INDYCO, an evaluation method for Digital Ecosystems

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Tags: digital ecosystem, ecosistema digital, evaluation, innovation, knowledge society, method, methodology, método, organisations

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Indyco Evaluation Method of digital ecosystems in organisations Index for Dynamic Communities Since 2011 I am dedicated on developing a methodology together to several researchers from the University of Granada and Polytechnic University of Valencia. The main mission of this system is to measure the total value of the digital ecosystem in organisations, giving them a…