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Saas Software as a Service
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SaaS, what is it and how can it help me as an user

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The Saas model of software distribution, acronym which founds its origin from Software as a Service, is a type of distribution of Cloud Computing service model,  or simply known under the metaphor of “The Cloud”.

This new paradigm can offer computing services across the Internet, without relying on local storage and independently of operating systems, devices and features of the same.

The SaaS system provides a platform with greater accessibility than traditional local computer, since it does not depend or generate the classic problems of local connection, VPNs, libraries, versions, compatibilities, etc.

This technology is based on a concept of platform vs. user, where in more accessible way, virtualized and unlimited scalability, does not depend on physical equipment in our user environment, except the connecting equipment. This allows users to interact with the system in a more simple way, minimizing the drawbacks person-machine and reducing learning times, as these systems, because of their proximity to the user, developed under agile methodologies, have the user experience as one of its main features. This feature together with the horizontality, allows them to be dynamically updated, overcoming so one of the obstacles of the classic client-server systems.

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