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INDYCO, an evaluation method for Digital Ecosystems

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Indyco Evaluation Method of digital ecosystems in organisations

Index for Dynamic Communities

Since 2011 I am dedicated on developing a methodology together to several researchers from the University of Granada and Polytechnic University of Valencia. The main mission of this system is to measure the total value of the digital ecosystem in organisations, giving them a qualified reference value, meaning a quantification of the digital ecosystem of their organisation. Thanks to Indyco pattern value, we can evaluate and analyze in an objective, recoverable and dynamic mode.

At the same time, the system is influenced with elements used other methodologies, frameworks and key systems in information technology and communication; ITIL V3, ISO 20000, COBIT, PMBOK, PMI, PRINCE II , agile methodologies such as LEAN, Canvas or Scrum, reference authors like Peter Ducker, Manuel Castell, Tim O’Reilly  and the experience given by prototyping over 300 projects concerning the implementation of public and private organisations.

Due to the original KPI (Key Performance Indicators) within INDYCO, this audit guarantees a real perception of the current status and the possibility of future comparative measurement, as digital ecosystems are constantly evolving. With this innovation the valuation is always live an dynamic, giving a reliable and objective data.Logo Indyco cuadrado

INDYCO relies on a working methodology on continuous improvement of digital ecosystems and to increase the assets of organisations in the era of the Knowledge Society (Peter Drucker). This method of continuous improvement of digital ecosystems is called i5, because of its composition, 5 phases interacting with each other depending on the needs: information, innovation, infrastructure, interaction and intelligence.


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