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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, final stretch and Dyntra’s analysis

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Dyntra Hilary vs Trump USA Republicans and democrats Sillero.jpgIt’s time for the final debate Clinton vs Trump,  90 face to face minutes. The appointment is at the University of Las Vegas, you can watch it tonight at 03:00 pm (Madrid) 21:00 (NYC). It is the last chance to enjoy the last major political event in the United States before the presidential elections, here are a couple of links to Internet TV Live …



At Univisión (click to watch in Spanish) and at Canal Noticias 24 horas de Televisión Española (Click to watch) in Spanish.

Will the moderator Chris Wallace, talk about transparency? Meanwhile, do not miss the Dyntra analysis on the transparency’s level of the two main candidates. >> Click to see DPE Presidential Election.

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