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H. Clinton vs. D. Trump, time to place your bets! USA 2016

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For many people it is considered the Super Bowl of politics … Tonight will be the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which promises to generate a large audience record. All looks around the world are placed upon them, event which I will live directly from New York, where tensions are already evident everywhere, also due to the exceptional security measures reinforced within the last hours.



Without any doubt, the formats of these debates have substantially changed since the first televised debate relayed in the United States, a September 26th, in 1960, between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. The points of interest are also different, now the balance leans towards personalistic aspects of each of the candidates, beyond the usual notable ideological differences between Republicans and Democrats.

That marked personalistic feature of the debate  will be the one to favour or hurt the contrary, according to the argumentario presented and many other criteria, which are those that will be reflected almost simultaneously in the election polls. One night in which the slightest error will be paid dearly to the electorate … We’ll see how it goes!

Click here to see the debate live  from 21:00 local time or 2:00 am. according to the time in Spain.

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